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Fresh Grass Fed Beef

Our beef will be coming back from the butchers tomorrow 18th August. To order some of our delicious grass fed beef just go to the ‘Shop Our Delicious Cornish Beef’ tab.

The farm has been busy over the past few weeks with silage and hay being made despite the ‘catchy’ weather this Summer. Richard has started combining the Barley today, this will be milled and used to feed our cattle while they are kept in over the Winter. The straw will be used to bed the cattle over winter too.

We keep getting asked what the crop at the end of the lane is. We grow our own lupins which Richard will be combining in a few weeks . We use these in our cattle feed over the winter as the protein element of their diet. This means we do not need to buy in protein which is very expensive and difficult to guarantee GM free.

The cattle are out enjoying the lush Summer grass and the sunshine between the showers!combine