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Autumn time on the farm

We have had a busy time on the farm over the past couple of months, finishing the harvesting of the barley and the lupins. These will be made into a mix for the cattle over the winter. We use all home grown forage and cereals, even protein from the lupins so we don’t have to buy any food in. We know exactly how it is grown and that it is definitely NOT GM! We sell some small bale hay and straw and this is a lot more labour intensive and quite hard work to get into the barn so that kept us busy for a while too!

Some of the land we rent has gone into ‘Higher level stewardship’ which has taken some time to fence around and get water supply for a few of the cattle to graze there in the spring, not to mention the HUGE amount of paper work this takes, Richard is not keen on this side of farming!

Our cattle are still out in the fields at the moment so continue to graze the lush grass of the Lamorna valley, while the sun is shining on their backs at the beginning of November.

We have had a steady stream of beef orders from the new website and with Nationwide delivery you can have a piece of Cornwall on your plate within a few days. Some great reports from our customers too, our beef has been described as comparable to Wyagu beef (I’m sure it’s better though)! See trip advisor and our Facebook page for some excellent reviews.

We have fresh beef at the moment so it’s a good idea to get some in before the Christmas rush! Also order now for fresh Cornish Beef for Christmas shot