9kg Selection Box of Beef


9kg Selection box of our delicious home reared beef, all from our own farm, traditionally matured and butchered locally to ensure the highest quality, best tasting beef reaches you in perfect condition.


Beef Selection Box (9kg approx)

Our Selection boxes are the most economical way of buying our delicious home reared beef, perfect for your freezer.

Fillet /Sirloin steak x2
Rump steak x2
Roasting joint(rib/topside/silverside/ boxeater) approx 1 -2kg (3-5lb) x2 total 3kg
Slow roast brisket approx 1-1.5kg (2-3lb) x1
Chuck steak packs of 0.5Kg (1lb) x2
Casserole steak packs of 0.5Kg (1lb) x2
Lean Steak Mince packs of 0.5Kg (1lb) x4

This is an example of what you get in your box, subject to availability, there may be a small change subject to equivelent or higher value

If there is something you like or don’t like, I can change items around up to the same value, just add a note at the checkout